ICNIRS Membership

Dear Fellow NIR Spectroscopist, 

With less than two months until the next ICNIRS Conference (NIR-2011) in Cape Town (www.nir2011.org), I would like to invite you to inspect the revamped ICNIRS web site. You can also find detailed information about ICNIRS in the last issue of NIR News(http://icnirs.org/img/page/information/ICNIRS_developments_N22_0218.pdf).

Now that membership of ICNIRS is on an individual basis, and that you will be required to become a member before being eligible to vote at the ICNIRS General Council Meeting in Cape Town,  
PLEASE DO REGISTER NOW AS AN ICNIRS MEMBER : http://icnirs.org/index.php?page=185

You are invited to support the NIR community by paying your registration fee, which is only US$50 for two years. The funds raised will be used for NIR education and to spread the recognition and the use of NIR. (http://icnirs.org/img/page/information/ICNIRS_Teaching_and_Learning_nir_news_N22_0219.pdf).

I trust that you will register and pay on-line the two-year fee, hence becoming an official member of the international NIR community. Thank you in advance for your support and please spread the information to NIR users. 

Best regards,

Pierre Dardenne, ICNIRS Chairman

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One Response to ICNIRS Membership

  1. jeff says:

    Prediktor a Norwegian Company makes an excellent On-Line NIR Spectrometer

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